Are you having BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS with your dog?

Have other DOG TRAINING methods not worked

Is your dog:
* Barking Excessively *
*Aggressive * Jumping Up
* Pulling on the lead * Refusing to come when he is called
* Destroying your Home * Hyperactive *Nervous
* Afraid of Fireworks * Other Problems


Do you need help training your puppy?

If so, I can help!


I offer:- Home visit for you and your family where I can meet your dog(s) in his own surroundings.  I will go through all the problems you are having with your dog(s) and show you how to solve them.  I will give you help sheets and a DVD of the method before I leave.  This is followed up with free support from me via phone or e-mail.  I can help you and your dog(s)!  All you have to do is lift the phone or send me an e-mail. My phone number is (01)2875183 or you can e-mail me at

Delma Rae - Ph: (01) 287 5183 - E-Mail: - Web Master