Delma Rae - PURE Dog Listener

My name is DELMA RAE and I live in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 

I have been a qualified Dog Listener since 2005. I hold the Advanced Certificate in Dog Listening awarded by Jan Fennell.

I have had dogs all my life and, over the years, accumulated a small library of books on dog training and conducted a huge amount of research looking for a kind, effective method to enable my family and myself to live in harmony with our dogs. However, it was not until I found the Dog Listening Method that I felt my search was at an end. The change in my dogs’ disposition and behaviour was amazing as I implemented the Dog Listening techniques learnt. Using this method I was able to become leader of my pack in a calm, non confrontational and kind way without the use of any gadgets.. This relieved my dogs of the stress that was causing their behaviour problems, as now they had a leader they could rely on and trust in every situation.

To further my knowledge of the method, and to become a fully qualified Dog Listener, I attended and successfully completed both the Foundation Course and the Advanced Course in Dog Listening with Jan Fennell in Lincolnshire, U.K. 

I really enjoy being a Dog Listener and visiting people in their homes in order to enable them to solve their dogs’ behaviour and show them how they too can live in harmony with their dogs. I am also a tutor in college where I teach Dog Training to students studying for Diplomas in Animal Care and Animal Science.

As I observe my dogs, and those of other people, they teach me so much about how dogs communicate.  I have been to Yellowstone in Montana, U.S.A. on a number of occasions to observe and learn more about wolves in the wild. I find these experiences give me a greater insight into canines and how they communicate.  As dogs evolved from their ancestors, the wolf, learning about wolf behaviour in the wild furthers our understanding of dogs and their behaviour.


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